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February 26

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  • Thank you.  I'm trying to get chelation and a lot of work on my health.  Also have a Nov 30 time set up to talk about Environmental Justice at Moonstone Art Center on 13th Street - formerly Robbin's Books.  I have things to prepare  bu pretty traumatized.  I've met 2 other women from other places in PA and NY that the same thing happened to and trying to connect with other Environmental Justice communities in Philadelphia because they are all scattered and no central connecting so everybody has to go through it alone and from scratch.   If there was a network- people would have more ability to assure the gov. agencies protected them instead of attack them and make it more difficult.  Gas Fracking and Gulf Oil Spill communities are very large but many small neighborhoods are affected and never  get any help. In fact the norm is for the agencies who are suppose to protect them, attack them instead. People alone or aged are very vulnerable to these abuses.  It's hard for me to do this alone, but I'm keep doing what I can and hope a network for Environmental Justice can come together in Philadelphia so people are more protected and there is better response and lives aren't destroyed.  So I'm doing the Nov 30 talk even though I can barely stand up half the time.  Any support is welcome. This is bigger problem than people realize.  Northern Liberties has done pretty well with it but other areas haven't.  Thank you so much for answering.


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