Summer Services at First Unitarian Church

We have decided to keep our services at 11AM throughout the summer.

June 27. It is Time Now
Service led by: Lisa Schilansky
As Unitarian Universalists, many stories from our past have shaped how we understand our place in the world, but when do the stories we have learned about ourselves hold us back from what we are called to do?

July 4. Frances Ellen Watkins Harper: Unitarian Influences
Service led by: Richard Frey
How activist and writer Frances E. W. Harper was influenced by Unitarian theology and by First Unitarian Church ministers. A member of Mother Bethel A. M. E., she frequently attended First Unitarian. Minister Joseph May paid her pew rent. How did she gain spiritual understanding and support from our church?   

July 11. General Assembly Service
Until Love Wins – Today’s challenging times require a nimble and resilient spirituality. We need a demanding, inspiring faith and a love strong enough that it will not let us go. Join us as we draw the circle wide, gather our strength, and promise to stay in the struggle and joy until love wins. You can check out the Order of Service here.
List of Presenters: Musicians, Franco Holder, Aimee K. Bryant, and Dr. Randal Buikema, and religious professionals, Lauren Wyeth, Julica Hermann de la Fuente, and Revs. Arif Mamdani, Karen Hutt, and Jen Crow will lead the service.

July 18. Brick by Brick, Wall by Wall: Reflections on Abolition Theology
Service led by: Sonja Dahl, Rev. Hannah Capaldi and Tricia Way
In past centuries, Unitarians and Universalists fought for the abolition of slavery. Today, in an age of mass incarceration that disproportionately impacts people and communities of color and impoverished communities, how might we connect our UU faith to movements for prison abolition?

July 25. Roots Hold Me Close
Service led by: Julie Rigano

As we consider how we move forward as individuals and as a congregation, let us look back at our grounding roots. Our Unitarian, Universalist, and Unitarian Universalist theology carries wisdom we can turn to in times of change and uncertainty.

August 1. Question Box Sermon
Service led by: Rev. Hannah Capaldi
In this service, Rev. Hannah will answer your questions about theology and Unitarian Universalism.  This is a fun and improvisational service where your questions get to be centered as Rev. Hannah responds in real-time to the deeper mysteries sitting with you.

August 8. The Wound is the Place Where the Light Enters You: Body Modification
Service led by: Eliza Hammer
Across the globe and for millennia, people have been modifying their bodies as a form of spiritual practice and self expression. This sermon will explore the histories of tattooing, piercing, and other forms of body modification and how modified bodies have been feared and revered in society. Is your body your spiritual home? How have you decorated it?

August 15. Born to be Joyful yet Grief in our Bodies
Service led by: Rev. Abbey Tennis
This Sunday we will get in touch with the grief that lives in our bodies and the deep abiding joy that grounds each of our beings. Join us for music, ritual, and reflection as Rev. Abbey returns to the virtual pulpit after her parental leave!

August 22. My (Secular) Faith
Service led by: Fred Tipson
When you lack faith in an engaged God, a pervasive spiritual force, or a benign universe, what is it you do believe in?  What assumptions guide your life and your choices or offer solace and meaning in a world untethered to some transcendent moral power? 

August 29. Blessing of the Animals
Service led by: Rev. Abbey Tennis
In this service, we celebrate the gifts of our interconnectedness with the animal world. Bring your pets to receive a blessing in this intergenerational service. Pictures of shy or departed pets, stuffed animals, or other symbolic animals are invited to receive a blessing too!

September 5. Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder: the Past Year of Yearning
Service led by: David O'Connor
A collage of stories of learning over the past year from our congregation.  We will watch a short movie created out of a series of interviews of members and friends of our congregation reflecting on their learning from the past year of being apart.

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Meeting ID: 145 662 677 

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