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Visioning Process Updates

This past Saturday, 30+ congregants participated in person and online in our second Visioning Session. Our architects presented four levels of intervention and improvement to our building that would increase the viability, flexibility and access for the congregation and our many community partners who contribute to upkeep.

Those levels were:  

  • Deferred Maintenance (i.e. roof, masonry, windows) 
  • Building Systems (i.e. HVAC, technology, sound),
  • Building Features (i.e. flexible seating, access and use of chancel, value of historic elements)
  • Building Renovation and Reconfiguration (i.e. elevator, access to outdoor space, redesign of critical areas) 

As a group activity, those present were invited to deposit 15 "UU Bucks” into containers labeled with the levels of intervention, and placing 5 in a Deferred Maintenance. The group then shared comment about their reasons for assigning their priorities. We plan to replicate this activity after Worship service in the coming weeks - keep an eye out for that! Visit our website for more in-depth updates and look forward to hearing more about this process at our upcoming Congregational Meeting on Sunday, May 21.

You can watch the full recording of the First Visioning Session here and the Second Visioning Session here. You can read the full Building Assessment Report here.