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Awakening love & justice in our lives & in the world.

Upcoming Sermon

Each Holy Thing is Borrowed

with Rev. Hannah Capaldi

Sunday, April 14, 11 am, in person & on Zoom

Unitarian Universalists hold as sacred the idea that we are interdependent.  Each of us is connected, plugged into a larger web of existence.  Do we experience this connection as a gift or a burden and what does it mean to live as a being connected to all other beings? 

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Rev. Abbey Tennis preaching at the pulpit

Past Service: What is Soft is Strong

Philosophers and poets from Lao Tzu to Wendell Berry to Ani Difranco remind us that what doesn’t bend will break, that water will eventually wear down rock. When we long to grasp with brittle fingers for the power to control the circumstances around us, how can we instead lean into the power of fluidity?

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