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Children and Youth

Children are a vital part of our community and we want families to feel welcome each and every Sunday, in whatever capacity you can come! We always have a “Wiggle Zone” in the back of the Sanctuary, where babies and toddlers can move around and caregivers can still appreciate worship.  We also have a staffed nursery on the third floor for infants and toddlers.

For kids ages 5 and up, we have Religious Education.  Kids will sometimes start out in the Sanctuary and then depart after our Time for All Ages (a multigenerational moment of storytelling or conversation). Sometimes kids start in our chapel, for Children’s Chapel, led by Rev. Hannah.  Please refer to your Order of Service for where your kiddo should begin their Sundays. In our “Wiggle Zone” there’s also some quiet and engaging fidget toys for older kids who would like to hang there for the duration of worship. 

We believe that young people have spiritual lives that need to be nurtured and attended to.  Religious Education at First Unitarian Philadelphia strives to instill children with an understanding of Unitarian Universalist principles about the dignity and worth of all beings and our responsibility to do right by others and the planet.  We believe children should make decisions for themselves but not by themselves–we are here to help!

Exploring your faith together can strengthen family bonds and underscore the messages and values that you as parents are already teaching.  We want you to feel that you are not alone in raising good people!

We offer nursery programming for infants through Kindergarten age.  Our nursery staff ensures that the littlest ones have a safe and nurturing environment until adult worship in  the sanctuary is completed.

For those in grades 7-9, we will be offering Our Whole Lives from October through April.  OWL is a fact-based, sexuality education curriculum designed to empower young people to make choices based on their values and their safety.  Led by two trained facilitators, OWL is a life-saving and life-changing class that has made a big difference in the lives of those who took the program.  If you think this might be good for your teen, please register here.

For regular Sunday RE for those in K-6th grade, please fill out the registration form here.

Get in touch with our Minister of Faith Formation, Rev. Hannah Capaldi, with any questions or concerns.