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Getting Here



  • SEPTA bus routes 21, 42, and 9 make eastbound stops at 21st and Chestunt St., and westbound stops at 21st and Walnut St.  
  • SEPTA trolley routes (10, 11, 13, 34, and 36) all make stops at 22nd and Market St., and 19th and Market St.  


You may obtain a parking placard from an usher on Sundays before services, or by contacting the church office. We currently have two options for parking placards.

A) Street Permit Parking

  • Allows for parking on Sundays only, from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM 
  • West side of 22nd St. between Market and Walnut St.
  • North side of Chestnut St. between 22nd and 21st St
  • All cars must display an “Attending Church” placard to take advantage of the parking allowance.
  • Parking outside of these allotted times exposes motorists to ticketing and penalty from the Parking Authority
  • The parking allowance does not override existing handicap, passenger-loading or valet parking areas, as marked by existing signage. (Take special note from Van Pelt to 21st along Chestnut.)

B) Greenfield Elementary School Parking – Sansom St. between 22nd & 23rd Sts.

  • Valid only from Monday-Friday after 5:30 PM (if parked prior to 5:30, car will be towed at your expense)
  • Saturday-Sunday anytime (car will need to be removed by midnight on Sunday)
  • All cars must display an Greenfield Elementary School Parking placard from First Unitarian Church
  • Parking lot is set up in rows of cars. If you park in the back, you may be parked in
  • Parking lot is available to the neighborhood on the weekend – please be considerate and leave a line open so that others can leave
  • Greenfield Elementary School and School District of Philadelphia are not liable for any damage or theft to your vehicle