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Pathways to Membership

People enter into our community searching for a place to belong and a place to make meaning in their lives.  First Unitarian of Philadelphia welcomes all seekers wherever they are on their journey.  Becoming a member at our congregation is a commitment to knowing and being known, to loving and being loved.  As a covenantal faith, one that demands no memorized creed, each member gives of themselves freely to this place.  

If you are new and interested in learning more about membership, here is our path towards connecting into our community and our faith. The following sessions are held throughout the church year after Worship. 

1) UU & You is offered after worship services on some Sundays and is an introduction to our faith and the history of this congregation.  

2) Congregational Life 101 is an overview of how we govern ourselves, what our organizational structure is, and where to get involved in the life of the church. 

3) Seekers is a chance to get to know others on the path to membership by reflecting and sharing on your spiritual journey and the BIG questions you bring with you to First Unitarian. 

If you are ready to become a member, here’s what we request:

1) Sign the membership book (required)

2) Participate in a New Member Ceremony.  These happen about every other month, throughout the church year.

3) Make a financial pledge.  Each member is asked to commit to making an identifiable contribution of record to the congregation each fiscal year.  Fill out your pledge form for 2024 here. 

For more information, email our Minister for Faith Formation, Hannah Capaldi at