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Awakening love & justice in our lives & in the world.

Upcoming Sermon

Flower Ceremony

with Rev. Abbey Tennis and Rev. Hannah Capaldi

Sunday, June 16, 11 am, in person & on Zoom

This Sunday we’ll celebrate with our annual Flower Ceremony.  Each of us brings something delightful, something special, something utterly unique to this community and to this world.  Flower Ceremony is a way to recognize the spiritual necessity of diversity and spiritual imperative to nurture the soil, tend to the seedlings, and marvel at the beauty of each bud.  

Rev. Hannah in the Chapel

Past Service: Saying Goodbye

This Sunday will be the last sermon from Rev. Hannah and we’ll spend the service reflecting on what it means to leave well and say good bye with grace. As Unitarian Universalists, we know each ending is also a beginning so together we’ll mark this occasion for the whole community.

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